Epic Open Water Swimming

66281259_2583835038315099_2262382840735858688_oOur 2020 open water swimming calendar is now available and there’s a huge range of events to choose from. Whether you’re an experienced long distance swimmer, or dipping your toe into the water for the first time, we’ve got an event to suit you.

14th June: Epic Lakes Swim Ullswater is one of our longest standing events, based from Jenkins Field in Glenridding. You can choose from the 500m, the 1 mile or the 3.8k distance and wetsuits are optional. There’s a local village fete so bring the family for a great day out!

5th July: Epic Lakes Swim Derwent has spectacular mountain views, based from Crow Park in Keswick. You can choose the 500m, the 1 mile or the 3.8k distance and wetsuits are optional. It’s part of the National Trust Regatta Weekend, so there’s loads of activities for children and families.

19th July: ChillSwim Ullswater 7 Miles End to End is an incredible challenge for any open water swimmer. Start at Jenkins Field in Glenridding and swim the full 7 miles length of Ullswater to Pooley Bridge, wetsuits are optional. Ullswater is perhaps the most scenic of all the lakes and the views will not disappoint on this EPIC journey.

16th August: Epic Lakes Swim Coniston starts from the famous Blue Bird Cafe at Coniston Water. You can choose the 500m, the 1 mile or the 3.8k distance and wetsuits are optional. Enjoy the stunning views of Coniston Old Man.

5th September: Chillswim Coniston 5.25 Miles End to End is one of the classic open water swim events in the UK. Swim the full 5.25 miles length of Coniston to finish at Monk Coniston, wetsuits are optional. This is a real bucket list event for any open water swimmer, and guaranteed to be any incredible day.

19th September: Epic Lakes Swim Windermere starts from the stunning YMCA Lakeside Venue. You can choose the 500m, the 1 mile or the 5k distance and wetsuits are optional. This is the perfect finale to the open water swimming year!

Guided Windermere & Ullswater Swims: If you aspire to swim the length of Windermere, or would prefer to be solo guided for the length of Ullswater, we can arrange a personal guided service. Colin Hill and his team offer the opportunity to swim as a solo, pair or a group of 3 for the full length of Lake Windermere or Ullswater. We can arrange dates to suit you, read more about Windermere bookings HERE and Ullswater bookings HERE.

EPIC Lakes Swim Series – Enter 3, get 1 FREE: If you enter any 3 of the ‘Epic Lakes Swim Series above, you automatically get the 4th event free (You still need to enter the 4th event and at the point of payment you will be credited with the entry fee). The offer ends December 31st at midnight and does not include Chillswim events.